Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Donate Life NW's Annual Lifesaver's Breakfast

It just happens to be good timing that Donate Life NW's annual Lifesaver's Breakfast always lands within days of my Transplantaversary. I attended my first Lifesaver's Breakfast five years ago, just a week before donation and I cried like a baby for the entirety of the event. I assumed it was my nerves making me so emotional, but again this morning every speaker evoked tears from yours truly. The MC was local news host Sally Showman had me crying five minutes into the event, followed by always touching words from Donate Life NW's Director Mary Jane Hunt. But the big crying spell came from the touching keynote presentation from Jennifer Browning.

It's important to remember that registering to be an organ donor doesn't only impact the person that could one day receive your organs - that simple act can impact dozens of people and in Jennifer's case - hundreds of people. She is doing lifesaving work everyday and making a difference for those facing organ donation in Oregon. Excellent presentation Jennifer - you are a stunning representative of the power of organ donation!


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Anonymous said...

How is your friend doing now? Is she ok? I am just curious because I am going through kidney problems myself and waiting for transplant.

Nicole Andergard said...

Anna is doing great! She still suffers with her Lupus, but her kidney function is great and no dialysis needed. We feel so thankful and grateful!