Friday, November 9, 2012

5 Year Transplant-aversary!!

It's astounding to me to think that our kidney transplant was five years ago today!!! Five years feels like a very substantial milestone, although in the world of organ transplants we need to treat every day as a blessing and not think about the years or how long your body will continue to accept this organ. 

First a quick update - Anna and her "new" kidney are best friends and doing exceptionally well. She's healthy and has great kidney function. Her Lupus seems to be kept in check by her anti-rejection meds and as such things are going well. And me, well I'm the same as always, no issues! 

In order to commemorate our five-year transplantaversary, I found Anna the perfect commemorative gift and because it's from Tiffany's I had to get one for myself as well! Let's face it - nothing says "I love you/You are appreciated" quite like a blue Tiffany box! And who would have guessed that Tiffany sold necklaces in the shape of a kidney? 

Today I offer good health and lifelong friendship to my best friend - skål!!!!

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