Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another perspective

Decision to Donate is an inspiring video story of a kidney donation between two friends. Basically, the video is a lot like this blog but significantly less winded - I mean condensed. The movie runs about 15-minutes and is a lovely example of how wonderful and rewarding organ donation can be, for both the recipient and the donor.
"Decision to Donate tells the story of two men, one in need of a kidney transplant and the other willing to donate a kidney. The film explores this profound, life saving decision and the emotional experiences of the donor, the recipient and their families."
This particular kidney donation story touches a soft place in my heart because the kidney donation occurred at the same hospital as our surgery, Virginia Mason Hospital. Even my surgeon, Dr. Kozlowski, makes an short appearance in this video.
Somewhere near the middle point, the film shows footage from the day of surgery. As the film follows down the hospital corridor, I could feel myself there again; smelling that horrendously clean antibacterial scent and experiencing a confusing whirlwind of emotions twisting through happiness, loss, concern and pride. Watching John Backus up and walking post surgery made me clutch my side, even though I haven't felt pain there in months. That footage brought my surgery back in an instant. If you have the time, I suggest a viewing, then click on the registration link for organ donation if you feel inspired.

We are now seven-months post surgery and I'm happy to report that we are both doing well. I have no complaints, everything is as it should be. Anna is HEALTHY, her tests continue to show excellent results and she has resumed living a normal life again. What can I say? Life is good.


Laura Cunningham said...

Nicole, Check your hotmail account. I jsut sent a message to you and Christie. Not sure if I have the right address for you.
Laura Cunningham

Anonymous said...

I consulted your site a lot prior to my kidney donation to my brother in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I had to travel from Chicago for this surgery. I did donate on June 23rd. I am doing great and so is my brother. Thank you for all your information and personal expressions about your experience. I still can't believe how well our surgeries went.